WE Charity Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to WE Charity in Canada? 

What did WE Charity achieve?

Were all of WE Charity’s programs and operations in developing countries shut down?

What was the Canada Student Service Grant program?

Was WE Charity given a billion dollars for the CSSG as has been alleged by politicians and the media? 

Did WE Charity's connections to Prime Minister Trudeau and former Finance Minister Bill Morneau lead to them getting the CSSG contract?

Was WE Charity going bankrupt before it got the CSSG contract?

How much profit would WE Charity have made from the CSSG contract?

Did WE Charity get most/all of its funding from the government?

Is it true that WE Charity is suing the CBC?

Is it true that Jesse Brown and Canadaland are also being sued due to their coverage?